Digital Loy Krathong campaign trending on Thai social media

ATTRACTING a lot of attention and being widely discussed on Thai social media is a hashtagged message to skip physically observing Loy Krathong festival this year and instead join one of various websites arranging for participants to do so digitally, Thai Rath newspaper said this morning (Oct. 30, 2020).

With this year’s Loy Krathong festival falling tomorrow, making this big change to a very popular festival is attracting a lot of comments and has now become one of top trending Thai topics and hashtags on Twitter.

Those who are pushing to observe the festival online say that it will help keep rivers and canals clean while ensuring people maintain social distance amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Despite this well-meaning campaign, many tourist destinations and hotels have arranged Loy Krathong activities as they do every year.


Top: A canal clogged with krathong floats. Photo: Thai Rath



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