Unusual seaside tower café reopens with strict steps in place

By Peeranut P.,

A CAFÉ that became very popular among coffee-loving tourists towards the end of last year before coronavirus spread to Thailand for its location right next to the sea at Bang Saen beach and the unusual style and design of the building is called Red Tempt Coffee, reported this week (4.5.2020-10.5.2020).

After the pandemic reached Thai shores this restaurant followed the government’s lockdown orders and temporarily shut down to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Then again this week, after the government relaxed the lockdown measures governing restaurants and certain other businesses, the café reopened its doors but with stringent steps enforced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in its establishment.

These measures are intended to protect the patrons who come in to enjoy food and drinks and they are also are required toe the line as follows:

  1. Register their name and telephone number before being served.
  2. Temperature check.
  3. Clean their hands with alcohol gel.
  4. Wear face masks.
  5. Maintain social distance as arranged in the restaurant.
  6. This restaurant is open and airy.
  7. The entrance is frequently sprayed with alcohol and thoroughly cleaned.
  8. There is a good air filter near the entrance.
  9. Contact surfaces are continuously cleaned with alcohol.
  10. Proper queues for takeaways.
  11. The staff wear face shields.
  12. Customers are encouraged to pay online.
  13. Patrons can sit and eat at the restaurant according to set rules which require only two persons per table and meal duration of 30 minutes after the order is received.
  14. Social distancing as specified by the restaurateur has to be maintained with tables and chairs not allowed to be moved around.

With these steps in place this café has gained the trust of customers who feel certain that the food here is safe, but for best result they have to also protect themselves.

So if anyone is ever so bored at home why not hop into a car and drive to this café at Bang Saen beach which is so close to Bangkok, just 108 kilometres away.


The uniquely designed Red Temp Coffee at Bang  Saen beach and the beautiful view all around. Photos:


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