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2 Frenchmen detained after attacking and seriously injuring Thai biker


TWO Frenchmen who badly beat up a Thai motorcyclist who overtook them as they rode down a Koh Samui road in a new Porsche sedan leading to severe brain haemorrhage were today (Oct. 17) detained at Koh Samui Court, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Pol. Col. Yuttana Sirisombat, superintendent of Bophut police station, assigned his deputy, Pol. Col. Sirachach Kamunee, to take the two French suspects, Mr. Bugeya Vincent Raymond, 34, and Mr. Vincent Julien Gerard Rene, 28, from the station to a bail hearing at the court and object to their being temporarily released.

Police said the two suspects had badly punched up Mr. Somruen Songkot, 43, who was riding his motorbike with his wife sitting behind him, leading to him falling and hitting his head on the ground triggering a brain haemorrhage.

Mrs. Lakhana Songlao, 47, said her husband underwent a brain surgery at Koh Samui Hospital yesterday and was still unconscious and not out of danger.

She had also gone to court to object to granting bail to the two Frenchmen.

Pol. Col. Yuttana said a lot of progress had been made in investigating this case with eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence obtained including checking for drug and alcohol consumption.

Both the suspects have been charged with assaulting another person causing serious injury.

He added that the incident stemmed from the motorcycle overtaking the sedan and there might have been challenges on the road before the attack took place.

He also stated that police investigators will be fair to both parties while collecting as much evidence as possible to ensure fairness.


Pixelated image of the two Frenchmen detained, above, and being taken to the court, Front Page. Both photos: Thai Rath

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