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Traffic policeman gives gifts to boy abandoned by Myanmar mother


A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy who was left in the care of neighbours in Songkhla province seven months ago by his Myanmar mother who went to look for a job in Bangkok and cannot now be contacted got some gifts from a traffic policeman today (Sept. 15), INN News said.

Pol.Col. Sittichai Pradap came to a beauty parlour on Prachathipat road run by one of the neighbours helping take care of Nong Fluke for seven months now and give him toys, some necessities and cash.

Neighbours said that the boy’s mother is from Myanmar and his father Shan. After they separated he was living with his mother at a rented apartment in this area. 

Seven months ago his mother lost her job after contracting Covid-19 so left to look for a new one in Bangkok but cannot now be contacted. Four neighbours are taking care of him and aside from the police some shops too are donating the necessities.

During the day he runs around and plays in the beauty parlour and at night sleeps in the house of the next door neighbour.

They all hope Nong Fluke’s mother returns to take him back because he waits for her everyday,

However if not then the neighbours would have to continue taking care of him and enrol him in a school or contact relevant agencies.

Even so, they are confident his mother would come back for her son and might not have done so up to now because of problems getting a job.


Nong Fluke who was abandoned by his mother. Photo: INN News

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