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Man kills girlfriend, himself after wedding talks fails


A YEAR-LONG relationship between a 62-year-old-man and his 39-year-old girlfriend ended in tragedy during a discussion about a betrothal ceremony with the man shooting her to death then himself, Matichon newspaper said this evening (Sept. 10).

Pol.Lt. Col. Pongphan Khiaosai, duty officer at Kut Rang police station, Maha Sarakham province, rushed to a cassava plantation upon being notified of two people being shot dead there.

At an open hut in the middle of the field he found the bodies of Ms. Kritsana, 39, shot in the chest, and Mr. Thongsai, 62, likewise shot in the same part. Nearby was parked a motorcycle.

Ms. Pornpimon, Kritsana’s older sister, told police that her sister worked in Khon Kaen and had just returned home. Thongsai came over and said this evening he would be bringing money for the betrothal ceremony. He then took her to his plantation to discuss something.

However, as the two sisters planned to go visit their father in the hospital and the couple had not returned after an hour, she walked over to the farm and was shocked to find their dead bodies.

Pornphimon added that the two of them had been in a relationship for a year but she did not know what problem arose because she had never seen them quarrel. When Thongsai came over to their house he did not have a pistol with him but later they were both shot dead.

Pol.Lt. Col. Pongphan  said investigation revealed that the two of them were unable to resolve some issues about their wedding and Thongsai used the pistol he had loaded in advance to first kill his girlfriend then himself.

He added that it was clear Thongsai had prepared to kill her then himself as the bullet wounds were in the same spot.


The open hut where the couple were found shot dead. Photo: Matichon

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