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Foreigner kills two teenage girls in Songkhla crash


AN AUSTRALIAN man driving a sport utility vehicle on a Songkhla road hit a motorcycle on which three female teenage students were riding, killing two of them and seriously injuring the third girl, Amarin TV said yesterday (Sept. 2).

This TV channel’s reporters went to the spot of the accident on Chalatat road in front of Royal Navy Shooting Range and interviewed Lt. Samphan Suwan who said officers there were the first to help the three girls who were lying unconscious on the road.

The two students who died were identified as Ms. Pitchapa Boonrit, 16, and Ms. Anusara Chaowanasakul, 16, both fourth grade students, while Ms. Pattraporn Srisuwan, 16, was then undergoing an operation.

Lt. Samphan mentioned that accidents frequently occur in this area because it’s a straight road and drivers tend to travel at high speed.

The driver, his Thai wife and another female passenger were in tears after the accident.

Reporters were later able to meet  the couple at Mueang Songkhla police station where they were being questioned by police officers and an insurance company official.

The SUV was parked outside with the right side of the front fender and bonnet having been dented with there being blood stains and the right rear mirror was also damaged.

The unidentified Australian man’s Thai wife said they were holidaying in Songkhla and were looking to U-turn and find a parking spot. However, as it was hot they decided to turn back. Just as they were making a U-turn after looking both sides her husband hit the motorcycle that came at high speed,

A funeral service for the two dead girls took place at Laem Sai temple amid deep sorrow at 3 p.m. yesterday with  Pol. Maj. Gen. Asan Chansiri, commander of Songkhla provincial police, presiding over it.


Scenes from the fatal crash in Songkhla. Photos: Amarin TV

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