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Faulty ATM spits out free money

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

AN UNKNOWN NUMBER of people withdrew cash from an ATM in downtown Ranong last night (June 13) and got the money 10 times as much due to its malfunctioning computer.

The ATM installed in front of the Siam Commercial Bank’s branch office in the capital district of the southern province glitched up and misread the properties of the 1,000-baht box inside the machine for those of the 100-baht box, thus providing 10 times as much the amount of cash keyed in by the withdrawer.

Though the cash came out 10 times as much, the amount in the withdrawer’s savings account remained intact and correct. Officials of the bank unplugged the erroneous ATM and  began to check the damage done by it.

Some of the people who had withdrawn cash and received more amount than keyed in on that particular machine have returned the surplus.

Others have been told to do so by tomorrow or else they might be faced with embezzlement charges, police said.


Top: One of the ubiquitous ATMs. Photo:  Megawatts86 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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