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Teenager turns himself in after stabbing mother 12 times

A REMORSEFUL 16-year-old teenager who stabbed his mother 12 times in order to have a free and independent life surrendered to police today (June 14), Sanook.com reported.

The teenager had used a knife to stab his mother, Bupkaree, a dozen times at 3 a.m. yesterday at their house in Songkhla province just 10 days after she returned from overseas. The eight grade dropout had been living alone with his 70-year-old grandmother.

Pol Col Saksith Meesang, head of Kho Hong police station at Hat Yai city, said Bupkaree is now out of danger and recovering in the hospital.

Initially no one knew the motive and thought the attempted murder arose from the teenager’s heavy addition to video games.

However the teenager told police that he wanted to be independent and not do what his mother wanted him to do, being convinced that if he killed her he could get anything he wanted.

He said even though his mother did no force him to do anything, he felt uncomfortable and pressured with her around. He added that he had been bullied as a child but that was only part of the motive with the key one being to be free from control. He accepted that he was anti-social but denied being addicted to video games being more involved with social media and writing songs.

He said as he started stabbing his mother he thought she would fight back but she did not and that led to him coming to his senses and running away from the house. He now wants to apologize to her and is willing do anything she wants him to do.

In a note he wrote about the murder attempt he said while stabbing his mother she asked whether he really wanted to kill her, but that did not move him as he thought his life is more important. But she managed to cool him down, even saying that she loved him. When he stopped he told her he could not continue staying there and she told him to run away.


Top: The teenager at Kho Hong police station at Hat Yai city. Thai headline says, “wanted to be free.” Photo: Sanook.com


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