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Army trailer-truck carrying crashed chopper in another crash


AN ARMY trailer-truck carrying the wreckage of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that crashlanded at a rubber plantation in Songkhla, injuring seven soldiers including an army general on Friday (July 15), was this evening (July 17)  involved in another accident hitting a tow truck that swerved onto its path to avoid hitting a pickup truck, Naewna newspaper and TV Channel 8 said.

The army trailer-truck, which was heading to the maintenance centre in Lopburi province in heavy rainstorm,  collided with the tow truck as it was going up a slope at the entrance Ban Lai Lum, Khao Chaison district, Phatthalung province, causing a big traffic jam. 

Officers are now clearing the road to ease the traffic congestion in the driving rain.

The driver of the tow truck, Mr. Sanit Suay, said that before the accident he was cruising along on the left lane with there being a pick-up truck in front of him. The pick-truck driver suddenly braked after switching on a turning light which led to him swerving to the right lane and hitting the army trailer-truck that was coming up the slope.

Luckily there were no injuries this time.  Fourth Army Region commander Lt. Gen. Kriangkrai Srirak had injured his hip while an adjutant broke his arm.

All seven were taken to Songkhla Nakarin Hospital for treatment with the others injured in the helicopter crashlanding being two pilots, two mechanics and a photographer.


Scenes from tonight’s road accident involving a collision between an army trailer-truck carrying the helicopter wreckage and a tow truck. All photos: Naewna

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