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F-5 Super Tigris fighter’s crash-landing caused by stray big bird


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FRIDAY’S INCIDENT IN WHICH an Air Force F-5 TH Super Tigris fighter crash-landed with the lone pilot jettisoning to safety in Lopburi was evidently caused by a stray big bird hitting the aircraft mid-air, said Air Force spokesman AVM Prapat Sonjaidee today (Dec. 5).

The unspecified, large-sized type of bird flew out of nowhere to hit the canopy of the jet fighter at 500-foot altitude, splashing blood on the windshield, causing Wg Cdr Suthimet Uamma to lose control of his aircraft and eject himself off during a tactical air exercise in Chai Badan district of the central province, AVM Prapat said.

The F-5 TH Super Tigris fighter was flying at a speed of 800 kilometres per hour when the incident suddenly occurred. The pilot who jettisoned with a parachute broke an arm and a leg  upon landing while his aircraft crash-landed on a hillside terrain, according to the Air Force spokesman.

The modified jet fighter based at Wing 21 in Ubon Ratchathani was a two-seater aircraft but only one pilot was aboard at the time of the mishap.


Top: Two of the Air Force’s  F-5 TH Super Tigris fighters flying high. Photo: Aagth1.blogspot.com

Home Page: Wg Cdr Suthimet Uamma getting medical treatment after he bailed out of the fighter. Photo: Sanook.com

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