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Clashes as protesters try to submit letter to Royal Office

PROTESTERS who had clashed with police on Ratchadamnoen Nai Road in the area of ​​Sanam Luang area after police sprayed a round of water cannons at them decided to put a letter they were taking from Democracy Monument to the Royal Office in a mailbox at the entrance of Na Hap Phoei road and hold their activities there, Thai Rath newspaper and Amarin TV report

Protesters hit back after jets of high-pressure water were unleashed at them by moving buses placed to block their way with some of them succeeding in reaching police lines.

Later the protesters started pushing the police van to get close to the front line.

However after negotiations protesters settled for holding their activities at entrance to Na Hap Phoei road with police allowing protesters to come only up to this point submit to their letter.

When police sprayed jets of high-pressure water at protesters at around 6.29 p.m. they responded by throwing water bottles into police lines.

Protest guards forbade their people from moving further ahead because they were approaching the Royal Zone.

At 6.36 p.m. police urged everyone to stay calm and that they would not be unleashing anymore water cannons with the water trucks retreating 20 metres.

At 6.42 p.m., the police announced, “On behalf of the Metropolitan Police headquarters , we are sorry,” and clarified that spraying water at the protesters was a mistake.

At 6.57 p.m., Dr. Tossaporn Serirak, or Dr. Tos, said if the water used to spray at protesters did not have any chemicals in it then it could be tolerated. The Erawan Centre reported that two persons, a protester and a policeman, were taken to the hospital.


The clashes between the police and protesters in Sanam Luang area this evening. Photos: Thai Rath

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