American travelling here from Spain is Thailand’s first Omicron case

THE PUBLIC Health Ministry today (Dec. 6) revealed that an Omicron case has emerged in Thailand with this being an American man travelling here from Spain, and Matichon newspaper said.

Dr. Supakit Sirilak, director-general of the Medical Sciences Department, said the first sample was collected on Nov. 30 and it was then 99.92 percent certain it was the new variant. A retest on Dec. 3 made it preliminarily quite certain that he was infected with the Omicron strain and is Thailand’s first such case.

The American patient had entered the country via the Test and Go quarantine free procedure.

The ministry also said early this morning that there were 4,000 Covid cases and 22 deaths over the past 24 hours taking the cumulative confirmed total since April to 2,116,378 and since the start of the pandemic  2,145,241.

Today’s 22 fatalities raised the death toll to 20,966.

An additional 6,450 patients were cured taking total recoveries since April to  2,027,839 while 69,010 are still undergoing treatment.


Top: A representative image of the Omicron variant. Photo: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain published by

Home Page: Dr Supakit briefing the press about Thailand’s first Omcron variant. The Thailand headline says, “First case in Thailand.” Photo: Matichon.

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