Anutin urges limited consumption of marijuana amid allergic reactions


DEPUTY Prime Minister-cum-Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul today (June 16) recommended that no more than two to three marijuana leaves be used per dish as cases of consumers suffering from allergic reactions have started cropping up since June 9 when liberal marijuana policy came into effect, said.

Using excess amounts of cannabis oil in cooking too would be illegal particularly if the Food and Drug Administration finds that it contains more than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient that produces a “high.”

Cooks were warned that they had to tell consumers what dishes contained marijuana with many restaurants now adding these leaves and other derivatives of this plant to their food as a selling point.

Dr. Suwanchai Wattana-yingcharoenchai, head of the Department of Health, said people should not add more than one or two marijuana leaves per dish or drink and should not have more than two cannabis-infused food or drink a day if they finish it.

However if they are having several dishes with rice, not all of them should have marijuana leaves or derivatives mixed in them, and a proportionate amount should be consumed. 

They should not have marijuana-infused food before driving, working with machinery or going up to high places.

The department has divided people into three groups in observing marijuana allergy symptoms as follows:

–  Those who do not feel anything and they are of no concern because they have no symptoms; 

– Those who are very sensitive with their face turning red, a rash appearing and starting to have difficulty in breathing or suffocation. This group cannot consume this type of food;

– Those who take time to show symptoms or do so after consuming large amounts with this group having to limit their intake.

Meanwhile Bangkok Governor Chatchart Sittipunt today signed an announcement declaring schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Adminstration’s jurisdiction as “cannabis-free zone.”

Nine surveillance measures were introduced to ensure control including forbidding the sale of food, snacks and beverages that contain marijuana in the school compound or advertising them; teachers and administrators had to be role models and ensure students do not consume this substance; and educating them about cannabis and its dangers.


Cannabis plant. Photo: NNT

Front Page: Public Health Minister Anutin smelling a marijuana plant. Photo: Matichon Weekly

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