Public Health Ministry launches Medical Marijuana Institute

AS parts of marijuana plants, including leaves, roots and stems, can now be used in food in Thailand the Medical Marijuana Institute was officially launched today (Feb. 22) to provide information about marijuana to the general public, while promoting it as a cash crop, NNT said

The Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, presided over the Medical Marijuana Institute opening ceremony, and delivered the government’s policy on marijuana to the agency.

The institute will serve as a coordination centre for various agencies, and assist the public and private sectors. With most parts of cannabis removed from the country’s illegal narcotics list, the institute will promote marijuana and hemp as cash crops, helping Thai people generate more income and paving the way for the industrial sector to develop beneficial products, such as food supplements, medicines, cosmetics and cooking ingredients.

Anutin insisted that all households have the right to grow marijuana, but they must comply with related rules and regulations concerning planting, extraction and production.

They are to work together as a community enterprise and request permission from the government. Currently, about 2,500 households and 251 hospitals in 46 provinces have started growing some 15,000 cannabis plants, which will become another cash crop for the country’s farmers.
Top: Public Health Minister Anutin presiding over the opening of Medical Marijuana Institute. Photo: NNT




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