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Fire jellyfish warning at Koh Hong island off Krabi

RED FLAGS have been posted on the beaches of Koh Hong island off Krabi province to warn tourists not to swim in the sea and stay away from the seaside as fire jellyfish had been found floating closeby with a large number having also washed up, Sanook.com said today (June 12).

Mr. Weerasak Sisatchang, head of Than Bok Khorani National Park, instructed officials at the island to take immediate action because this type of jellyfish is extremely venomous.

Also found among them are red jellyfish which are equally venomous with those who come into contact with them suffering from itching and burning pain.  Those with severe allergic reactions have to see a doctor right away with the recommended first aid being to pour some vinegar at the poisoned area.

That these jellyfish have suddenly appeared along the beaches of this popular island is because the wind changed direction leading to the waves bringing them there.

Officials are now scooping up the venomous jellyfish in the sea and cleaning up the beaches. As this is the first wave of jellyfish coming ashore this year and the volume is not large it is estimated that in one or two days’ time, when the waves are calmer, the jellyfish will disappear and tourists and tour groups could again enjoy these beaches and swim in the sea.


Fire and red jellyfish found on Koh Hong beaches and the surrounding sea. Photos: Sanook.com

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