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Hungry botanist in failed robbery attempt

A MAN who has a master’s degree in botany tried to rob a convenience store in Chiang Mai but failed to get any cash after the employee dashed to the rear of the store despite him brandishing a home-made pistol, Sanook.com said today (August 23).

At 6 a.m. yesterday Mae On district police arrested Mr. Wisut (surname withheld), 47, and seized a home-made pistol loaded with six bullets along with the clothes he wore when he tried to rob the convenience store in the same district on Friday night.

The suspect walked into the store and pulled out his pistol and told the employee to hand over all the cash in the register. However the employee shook his head and dashed to the rear of the store and as the robber was not able to open the register he got no cash.

Upon being tracked down the botanist told police that he had previously worked for a private company and came up with a new variety of corn named “Phan Niew Wan Kum.”

He then quit his job and used his savings to set up a company to promote this new variety of corn among farmers and gain profit from selling their produce.

However coronavirus struck and left him penniless as his business failed with no money coming in. On the day of the robbery he had no money to buy food so went to rob the convenience store.


The botanist robbing the convenience store in Chiang Mai. Thai headline says, “future suddenly gone.” Photo: Sanook.com


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