Foreign tourist seen driving on the wrong side of the road in Chiang Mai


ATTRACTING critical comments is a video clip that had been shared by a Facebook member showing a foreign tourist driving on the wrong side of a road that winds up and down a hill in Chiang Mai province and only switching to the left lane after almost hitting a motorcyclist, Amarin TV said today (May 27).

In a message accompanying this video clip the Facebook member, whose username is Net Naritsarut, said he recorded the foreign tourist driving on the right side of Hang Dong-Samoeng Road for an extended period with his mobile phone camera as he followed him on the left side.

At a curve the foreigner almost hit a motorcyclist coming the other way but managed to brake on time, he said, adding that it was then that the foreigner realised he had been driving on the wrong side of the road and switched to the left lane.

Amarin TV reporters contacted him and he said this incident took place last night, May 26, and he had posted the video clip as a warning to road users to not be careless.

He added that his friends posted some comments with some asking whether the driver was drunk while others pointed out that being a foreigner he was familiar with driving on the right side.

A few mentioned that drivers should study the rules in Thailand, particularly that it is left-hand drive here so as to avoid a dangerous accident.


The foreign tourist driving on the wrong side of the road in Chiang Mai last night. Photo: Amarin TV

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