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Thais in Japan hold anti-Prayut protest during Nikkei Forum


THAI PEOPLE living in Japan today (May 26) held a protest against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha during his visit to attend the  27th International Conference on the Future of Asia or Nikkei Forum, Matichon newspaper said.

Calling themselves the UDD Japan group, the protesters staged their demonstration in front of Imperial Tokyo Hotel where Gen. Prayut is staying while attending the conference today and tomorrow.

They intermittently shouted, “Prayut get out! Dictators perish! May people prosper!”

At one point one of the protesters read out a statement in Japanese and English languages saying that Thailand only wants a prime minister elected by the people and not one coming from a coup d’etat.

The demonstrators displayed placards with various messages including calling for democracy, justice for youth groups and political inmates and amendment of various laws that deprive people of their rights and freedom.

Reporters at the scene said the demonstrators also asked the government to release detained children and youths, mentioning that they did not do anything wrong, only told the truth and why could this not be accepted.     

They also asked why Thailand is not following the example of developed countries by adopting good points to promote the country and why are the authorities  destroying the children’s future.


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, right, and the protest against him in Japan, left. Photo: Matichon

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