Debt collector who brutally beat up young woman arrested

AFTER a video clip of a debt collector violently beating up a young woman who failed to pay up went viral on social media Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) provincial police last evening (May 24) arrested and filed three charges against him, Naewna newspaper said.

In the video clip the debt collector, Mr. Supachai (surname withheld), or Toei, 29, is seen hitting and kicking the young debtor and also pulling her hair while she took all the blows without resisting in any way.

This incident occurred at noon on May 22 at Hin Dat subdistrict, Dan Khun Thot district, with the unidentified 23-year-old woman later filing a complaint at Hin Dat police station.

 Last evening a Nakhon Ratchasima provincial police investigation unit led by Pol. Col. Kachen Setaputta brought a warrant to arrest Supachai and searched his home. It was found that he had released a large number of loans as gathered from loan agreements, title deeds in his possession and bank statements.

Supachai has initially confessed that he was the person seen in the video clip beating up the young woman but refused to say anything more asking to only testify in court.

He has been charged with lending money at interest rates higher than what is prescribed by law, collecting debt in a threatening manner and using violence and injuring others.


Top: The young woman being badly beaten up by the debt collector. 

Home Page: Police going through the suspect’s papers. Both photos: Naewna

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