Temple selling a pair of albino buffaloes to pay off debts


WITH the coronavirus pandemic having led to fewer people making merit and on top of this those who have borrowed money are not repaying their loans, the Abbot of Wat E-ngao temple in Chanthaburi province has now decided to sell a pair of albino buffaloes to make ends meet, TV Channel 7 said today (Dec. 17).

Phra Maha Oran Opaso, this temple’s abbot, said he is also being pressured by the contractor hired to build a new chapel who has been calling more frequently to be paid with there also being around 40,000 baht in electricity and water bills to clear.

This led to his decision to sell the pair of albino buffaloes, with the male being named Thung Ngern and female Thung Thong, for 2 million baht.

Abbot told reporters that before the two buffaloes came to the temple the original owner had several months ago sold them to a slaughterhouse in Ayutthaya. A philanthropist saved them and then donated them to the temple.

They have since then been well raised but the burden of having to clear 1.7 million in debts led to the decision to sell them.

However the abbot said this sale conditional on the buyer only taking the two buffaloes to raise and not sell them to the slaughterhouse or kill them


The pair of albino buffaloes that this temple now has to sell to clear debts. The Thai headline says, “Forced to sell albino buffaloes to clear debts.” Photo: TV Channel 7

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