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Double trouble for sedan hit by uninsured police bus 


GOING VIRAL on Thai social media today (May 15) is the account of a Bangkok sedan driver who after being hit by an uninsured police bus was urged by the policemen in the large vehicle to agree to being hit again by an insured white van so as to claim insurance payment, Matichon newspaper said.

As related by the unidentified Facebook user, the head of the Police Protection and Crowd Control Division later called to apologise for what had happened.

The sedan driver said he and his passengers were heading home down Ratchadamnoen Avenue, cruising along the middle of the road, and upon reaching Phan Fa Lilat bridge, where he was heading straight, the police bus cut across from the left to the right hitting his vehicle.

Details of what occurred is as follows:

“1) We were in the third lane from the left and the police bus was in the second lane besides us. The police bus suddenly turned right, hitting us.

“2) The policemen in the bus said we should go to Nang Loeng police station to clear the matter but we said we are waiting for the insurance official to come to the accident spot.

“3) It appears that the bus is uninsured with the driver then negotiating with us saying although we had a camera in front of our sedan that recorded the accident could a white van be used to claim insurance.

“4) The policemen added that the white van would hit us again and this would be recorded by the camera. Shocked, we insisted on waiting for the insurance man to come.

“5) The policemen continued asking three to four times to go to Nang Loeng police station and whether the white van could hit our vehicle. They added that the area in front of this station is clear of traffic.

“6) The insurance man arrived and we told him the policemen asked to hit our sedan again to claim insurance payment. He exclaimed that they were the police and sided with us. The police driver had already admitted being in the wrong as he had asked to hit our vehicle again.

“7) The insurance man and the police view the video clip in our sedan.

“8) The policemen came out of the sedan to say we were in the right (but I am the victim) the police bus had cut across in a wrong manner.

“Additional information, the police bus’ signal light was not working and one policeman said he waved his hand to signal that they were turning and why did we not see that.

“We retorted that the bus is so big and our sedan small, how could we have seen it?”


The police bus and the sedan involved in today’s accident. Photo: Matichon

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