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Handicapped woman bitten to death by dog


A WOMAN who suffered from muscle weakness and had difficulty in walking was bitten to death by one of two Thai Ridgeback dogs raised by her brother at their single-detached house in Thalang district this morning (May 10), Matichon newspaper said.

When Pol. Lt. Col. Suchart Luecha, deputy sergeant of Thalang police station, together with rescuers from Kusoldham Foundation reached the house in Pa Khlok subdistrict they found Ms. Sarinrat La-ong-panichkul, 38, lying dead on the balcony in front of the front door with bite marks on her neck, clearly by one of the two dogs.

Preliminary investigation revealed that she lived in this house with her brother, sister and sister-in-law with the other three having travelled Bangkok on errands.

The deceased woman was alone at home and it is believed that her health condition had caused her to fall on top of one of the two dogs, leading to startled dog biting her neck and severing the aorta.

The two dogs are around one to two years old and had been brought to live with the family around five months ago.

Phuket’s Deputy Governor Phichet Panaphong said this house is surrounded by a fence  and Sarinrat, who worked at her brother’s restaurant, was bitten at around 6 to 7 a.m. when she came out to feed the dogs because her brother was away.

Her brother is now on his way back to Phuket and he is not suspicious about his sister’s death because the dog had blood on its mouth and body fur. There is a surveillance camera clip to show what exactly happened, he added.

Dr. Athit Suravisankul, a forensic doctor at Vachira Phuket Hospital, said there were two to three bite marks on the left side of the neck. An autopsy would reveal more details but it depends on whether the police and the relatives want this done.

Ms. Supakvee Tothip, a colleague of the deceased, said she called her in the morning but although she did not answer she was not suspicious because today is her day off. 

Even so, she came to the house to check on her arriving at 9.29 a.m. and entered by the rear door but saw that she was not in her room. She then saw the light on at the side of the house and came to switch it off and feed the dogs and saw what had happened.

She took photos and sent them to her brother, sister and sister-in-law and also spoke to her brother and sister-in-law.


The house where the handicapped woman was bitten to death this morning. Photo: Matichon

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