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Navy admits instructor forced officers to swallow semen


A SPOKESMAN of the Royal Thai Navy admitted that it was true an instructor had forced newly-stationed officers to swallow semen mixed with fish sauce with this officer having been transferred and investigation underway, Amarin TV said today (Apr. 29).

This admission followed the posting of an account of the alleged incident on the web page “Mueang Pathum News Person” that mentioned that Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1) Thaksin had ordered this with the incident having occurred in Sattahip area of Chonburi province.

This went viral online and was heavily criticised.

Today Vice Adm. Karngam Monthatpalin, the navy’s spokesman, said initial checks found this incident occurred in October 2021 with PO1 Thaksin Ngokpilai, who was a training officer, having been transferred to a duty not related to active officers and a committee set up to investigate it.

If found guilty PO1 Thaksin faces disciplinary action for maximum offence as senior commanders had issued strict orders that this sort of action not take place.

He expressed his condolences to the officers involved in this incident and their family. 

He added that the navy never had a policy to use violence or meet out punishment that violates human rights in any form.


Vice Adm. Karngam Monthatpalin admitted that the incident did occur. The Thai headline says, “Stressed taking care like family.” Photo: Amarin TV

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