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3 more activists arrested on lese majeste charges


THREE members of an activist group were arrested while heading to Cha-am seaside resort for a vacation on the charges of violating Section 112 of the Criminal Code, or the lese majeste law, at 9 a.m. this morning (Apr. 21), Naewna newspaper said this evening.

A Technology Crime Suppression Division police team supported by Highway police arrested Ms. Bai Por (surname withheld), 19, Ms. Menu (surname withheld), 20, and Ms. Ploy (surname withheld), 17, on the charges of disseminating digital information about security via computers under arrest warrants issued by the criminal court.

Police also seized a computer and a mobile phone as well as some symbolic clothing worn during political activism from them.

When the police team brought the three suspects for questioning at the Central Investigation Bureau they ran into a group of around 20 protesters who had gathered to demand their release.


The three suspects arrested on lese majeste charges today. Photo: Naewna

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