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CAT Telecom building fire brought under control


A FIRE that broke out on the sixth floor of a CAT Telecom Plc building on Chaengwattana road has been brought under control with no one having got injured, Amarin TV said today (Feb. 4).

Thung Song Hong police were informed of a fire breaking out at the CAT Telecom headquarters at 12.30 p.m. and coordinated with Lat Yao fire station and public relief units to rush there and put it out.

The firemen found that the blaze had erupted on the sixth floor of the car park and sports complex building and took 15 minutes to control it, leaving a cloud of thick black smoke.

Initial inspection found that a solar panel installed on the sixth floor had ignited with flames spreading down to the grassy futsal field.

However Thung Song Hong police are still conducting a detailed inspection to ascertain the true cause of this fire.


Thick smoke pours out of the fire-hit CAT Telecom building today. Photos: Sanook.com

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