Launch of colourful flower farm a hit in Trang


A BOLD enterprise to turn abandoned rice fields into a colourful flower farm paid off for a southern Trang native as when the doors were opened yesterday (Feb. 1) as many as 400 people flocked in to take in the beauty and click many selfies, Matichon newspaper said today.

Mr. Prawet Phusuwan, 60, who previously carried out bakery and real estate businesses, bought 35 rai of abandoned rice fields in Na Muen Si subdistrict, Na Yong district, and turned most of it into vivid fields of celosia plumosa flowers, commonly known as plumed cockscomb or silver cock’s comb, planting 20,000 of them in five colours: red, yellow, orange, pink and purple.

He said he got the idea of creating a beautiful flower farm for people in the south to visit and admire because many had mentioned that there were no winter flower farms in the region and they had to travel up north to enjoy the splendour.

He has also grown some blue salvia as well as 20,000 sunflower plants with remaining tracks of land turned into fish ponds.

A lot of people also flocked in this morning, not just from Trang but also from Phatthalung and Songkhla provinces, and they were charged 50 baht each to go in and wander around as long as they wanted. However their temperature was scanned and alcohol gel dispensed in keeping with Covid control measures.

Should they want to buy some potted plants to take home, carefully grown Madagascar periwinkle are sold at 100 to 150 baht each.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Prawet expects large daily crowds of visitors to continue to flock in.


Trang’s new flower farm has turned into a big hit. Photo: Matichon


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