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Cocaine use charge against Red Bull heir expiring this year

THE ATTORNEY GENERAL has issued a statement expressing concern that the statute of limitations on cocaine use charge against Red Bull heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, who is wanted in a hit-and-run incident that led to a policeman’s death in Bangkok on September 3, 2012, expires on September 3 this year and it will no longer be possible to file a lawsuit on this count after that, Amarin TV said today (Jan. 27).

Thenceforth the lawsuit would be solely on the charge of reckless driving leading to death but the statute of limitations on this too is expiring in September 2027.

In filing a lawsuit the suspect has to be brought in and it is the duty of investigating officers to trace the suspect after which prosecutors could coordinate his extradition.

However as it is not known which country the suspect is staying in, prosecutors are unable to work on extradition.

The Deputy Attorney-General said the police had not informed prosecutors of the suspect’s location with there only being news in the media about where he could be.

However this is only speculation and a confirmed address is needed to proceed with extradition and take him to court.


Top: Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, left, and the Ferrari he was driving the morning of the hit-and-run incident. Photo: Naewna

Home Page: Vorayuth can still not be traced. The Thai headline says, “Cocaine use charge close to expiring.” Photo: Amarin TV

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