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Woman issues strong warning about peeping tom at pump

A FACEBOOK member by the name of “Pop Panyavee” posted a strong warning for women to be very careful when using public toilets having herself almost become a peeping tom’s victim yesterday, Naewna newspaper reported this morning (June 29).

She said she had gone to use the toilet at a pump in Soi Pattanakarn 20 and while doing her business she looked around the stall as is her habit because she is uneasy about using any other toilet except those at home.

As she looked up she was shocked to see a cellphone attached to the ceiling of this stall and when she was through she climbed the wall and managed to detach the cellphone and bring it down

Upon coming out she questioned the staff at this pump but they said they knew nothing about this cellphone. She then told them that she was taking it to report at Klong Tan police station.

Pop Panyavee also wrote that she does not know long this cellphone has been peering down from the ceiling of this toilet and how many victims there were.She did not think something like this would happen to her, but it did.

She had also posted two Thai hashtag labels with one saying “the world is becoming more difficult to live in each day” and the other “ a warning to women about public toilets”


Top:  The cellphone attached to the toilet stall ceiling at left and Pop Panyavee holding it after she managed to bring it down.Thai headline says, “warning to women.”

Below: The peeping tom’s cellphone and the petrol pump where the incident occurred.  Photos: Naewna

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