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Drunk woman slaps policeman with her shoe in New Year’s eve drama

AN intoxicated woman who drove the wrong way down Lum Luk Ka road on New Year’s eve and then slapped policeman with her shoe faces four charges, Matichon newspaper and Sanook.com said today (Jan. 8)

Khu Khot police station released details of this case after a video clip of the woman slapping the policeman’s face with her shoe while shouting “do you know whose daughter I am?” went viral on Thai social media.

The incident occurred at 9.40 p.m. on New Year’s eve with a policeman from this station rushing to check after getting a report of a white Mercedes Benz counterflow driving down this road.

When he reached the scene, this vehicle was parked in front of a pickup truck with the  drunk woman driver getting out and criticising the other driver and then bashing his vehicle.

The traffic officer told her she had broken the law by driving the wrong way while clearly drunk and to come with him for an alcohol test.

She tried to drive away but her sedan did not start. By then two policemen, one from Khu Khot station and the other Central Traffic Police Division, rode up on motorcycles to help. One of them was slapped in the face with her shoe and got slightly injured.

After that the woman, later identified as  Ms. Orawan Juthajumroen,35, was detained and a  test showed her alcohol level was 177mg/dL, above the legal limit of 120 mg/dL.

She now faces four charges with these being driving while intoxicated, driving without regard for safety of others, injuring a police officer and damaging property.

Pol. Lt. Col. Kittithat Pansamrong, head of the traffic unit at Khu Khot police station, said It took three police officers to arrest her and bring her in for an alcohol test and fortunately she was not infected with coronavirus.

As her relatives could not be contacted she spent one night locked up and the four charges were filed against her the next day. A friend of hers came to bail her out and she did not apologise to the police.


Top: The intoxicated woman slapping a policeman with her shoe. Photo: Matichon

Below and Home Page: The same woman arguing with the police. Photos: Sanook.com

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