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Man held for stabbing young woman to death at condo

AFTER intensive investigation and questioning nine eyewitnesses police arrested a 41-year-old man on the charges of stabbing a woman to death at a residential condominium building they both reside in with suspect after an initial denial having now confessed the crime, Sanook.com said this morning (Dec. 27).

Pol. Lt. Gen. Chiraphat Phumchit, head of the Provincial Police Region 1, said the suspect in confessing to killing Ms. Intu-on, 23, mentioning that he was intoxicated and his wife had just given birth to a child 15 days ago.

Aside from useful information from the nine eyewitnesses another key piece of evidence was a CCTV clip showing the deceased woman and the suspect passing each other near the ground floor elevator of this condominium building in Samut Prakan. The suspect was at this point wearing a white shirt.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Chiraphat added that the suspect then went to his condo on the third floor near the fire escape and changed into a navy blue T-shirt. After that he went up to the victim’s condo on the seventh floor, likely left unlocked, with the intention of raping her.

He hid in the closet and waited for the victim and when she returned tried to rape her but she resisted and in the ensuing fight fatally stabbed her.

The suspect then ran down the fire escape in the middle of the building, passed a couple on the sixth floor, and upon reaching the third floor walked past his condo to an open area where laundry was hung to dry. He picked up and slipped on a yellow T-shirt and then went to the fifth floor and entered an unoccupied and unlocked unit where he discarded his blood stained blue T-shirt and the knife case and went back to his unit.

There were blood-stained footprints all the way till the unit on the fifth floor after which they disappeared.

Police zeroed in on this suspect after being tipped off that he had previously been seen walking around the eight floor trying to open doors of the units there.

Police also found a scratch on the middle finger of his left hand and traces of blood in his condo bathroom.

Police said this 10-storey condominium only has one surveillance camera at the ground floor entrance and none on each of the floors. Video clips showed that the victim went out to shop but returned and got on to the elevator at around 10.55 p.m. At 11.25 p.m. she was found dead in front of the elevator.


The suspect in the murder of a young woman at a condominium building. Photos: Sanook.com

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