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Man donating haunted sedan to a temple


A DURIAN merchant in Lampang province is donating a second-hand sedan to a temple that really needs a vehicle after being haunted by its previous owner as he does not want to sell to anyone else who would likely be similarly spooked, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Dec. 16).

A Facebook member who goes by the name Ball said he bought the 20-year-old sedan about five to six months ago for 80,000 baht for his subordinates to run errands and becames its sixth owner.

He mentioned that everytime he drove the sedan he always took an amulet kept in a pouch with him. However he did not do so at 1 a.m. the previous night when he drove the car to a laundromat to get some clothes washed.

While waiting for the washing to be completed he sat in the car and then after a few moments heard the eerie sound of heavy breathing at the rear, but when he turned around there was no one there.

He thought his ears were ringing and continued waiting in the car but then he again heard this same heavy breathing this time accompanied by the sound of someone dragging his feet around the vehicle. Yet again when he looked around there was no one in sight.

Ball admitted that by then he got goosebumps and his legs stiffened. He therefore called his girlfriend to take him home in her car and got one of his workers to drive his sedan home.

The next morning he told his mother what had happened and she consulted a medium who told them that the original owner had died in the vehicle but proper funeral rites were not performed for him and that was why his spirit was still hanging around the car.

Ball said when he bought the car the seller had told him that the price should be a little over 100,000 baht but he was selling it at 80,000 baht because it had been involved in an accident.

He inspected the car in detail and saw that it had been heavily repaired at various points with this indicating that it had been involved in a serious accident leading to the original owner’s death.

He has now decided to donate the sedan to a temple that needs one as wants to spare a potential buyer the haunting he went through.


Ball and his haunted sedan which he now wants to donate to a temple. Photos: Thai Rath


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