Buriram holding ‘Kite Flying Countdown New Year 2022’ festival


NORTHEASTERN Buriram province is inviting locals and tourists to join its unique “Kite Flying Countdown New Year 2022” festival being held from December 24 to January 2, 2022, Matichon newspaper said today (Dec. 13).

This festival is taking place at Chang Arena Stadium where there will be an “aek” kite flying contest.  These are traditional kites of the northeastern people, named after the distinct sound they produce as they fly.

Moreover the history of Buriram province will also be related through artwork on 77 giant kites.

Participants will get a chance to buy aek kites directly by kitemakers. Youths are invited to paint aek kites while ancient and fantasy kites will be on display.

In addition there will be a lighting contest, a temple fair, the Buriram Red Cross Fair and many other activities.

Those who want to attend this festival have to be fully vaccinated and follow the provincial Covid control measures. For more information, please visit Facebook vintage kite music festival page.


Some of Buriram’s aek kites. Photos: National News Bureau of Thailand

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