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Or Bor Tor election held smoothly nationwide

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE FIRST ELECTION IN NEARLY a decade in Thailand’s smallest democratic units, better known as Or Bor Tor (the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation), was held smoothly throughout the country today (Nov. 28) albeit with a meager number of electoral wrongdoing cases reported.

Deputy Election Commission secretary-general Kittipong Boriboon reported that the election of Nayok Or Bor Tor (head of the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation) and Sor Or Bor Tor (members of the Subdistrict Council) at over 60,000 polling units in all provinces went on smoothly and did so without critical irregularities which might have otherwise stymied the local races in some 5,300 subdistricts nationwide, held for the first time since 2012.

A voter in Buriram took a cellphone picture of the voting ballot which he just used, thus considered to be a wrongdoing, while over 10 others in the provinces tore up their voting ballots for personal and yet unknown reasons, thus also deemed as wrongdoing.

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The Election Commission’s officials attached to respective constituencies in the provinces are yet to investigate such electoral irregularities and take legal action against the alleged perpetrators, according to the deputy secretary-general of the polling agency.

A total of 268 petitions, mostly allegedly involving vote-buying, have been filed so far against Or Bor Tor candidates and their canvassers. The agency’s officials are yet to launch an investigation into those cases.


People in Nonthaburi voting in the local election today. Photos: Siam Rath

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