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Man stuck in water tank for two days rescued


A MAN who was trapped inside a large water tank for two days was finally rescued after a big search by police and villagers finally led to one of them hearing soft groans coming from this large tank and then freeing him, Sanook.com said today (Nov.18).

Facebook user Mr. Kamput Tamil said Mr. Narongsak (surname withheld), 41, had disappeared from a Khon Kaen province village last Monday night (Nov. 15) after having gone out to buy some rice. 

As he had not returned home for two days and nights his family alerted the village headman and police to help find him.

He was finally found yesterday morning trapped in this large water tank after a member of the search party heard his soft groans. When they peered into the tank they found him sitting in brackish water about 15 centimetres high.

He told rescuers that he had dropped his key into the tank while looking in to see how high the water was and fell in while trying to reach down and pick it up. Once within the tank he was not able to climb out again because the tank was so high and his numerous attempts to do so had left him exhausted.

Rescuers first released the water from the tank then cut a hole at the bottom to free Narongsak who was rushed to Ubonrat Hospital.


Narongsak being rescued from the water tank he was trapped in for two days and nights. Photos: Sanook.com

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