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Thai-style democratic rule keeps people ruled by unelected, unaccountable elite: Pita


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MOVE FORWARD PARTY leader Pita Limjaroenrat concluded today (Nov. 16) the Thai-style democratic rule has been constantly keeping the people ruled by the unelected, unaccountable elite.

During a lengthy debate at parliament on constitution amendment legislation prepared by the so-called Re-Solution Group and endorsed by over 150,000 people, the Move Forward Party leader commented that the powerful elite have always remained unexamined and unaccountable under the Thai-style democratic rule where those who may express opposing views, especially the young generations of people, could be faced with legal penalties.

Pita said political conflict which has been sustained and unresolved over the last two decades will never come to an end if the elite continued to turn down constitution amendment efforts primarily designed to make it truly democratic rather than “democratic in Thai style.”

“Worse than some elected politicians who may have committed misconduct are the unelected elite who have managed to remain powerful and unaccountable for whatever they may have done under the Thai-style democratic rule.

“The Thai-style democratic rule always treats the young generations with opposing views as an enemy who must be eradicated and denies opportunities for the conflicting sides to reach a consensus and live peacefully together, albeit on different stands,” Pita said.

Very dangerous to Thai society, he said, is the Thai-style democratic rule which keeps the elite accusing their opponents of looking to undermine democratic rule with the Monarch as head of state.

The Move Forward Party leader said the powers that be who were not connected to the people included the military, the Constitutional Court and other “independent organisations” who have constantly managed to overrule decisions of the elected politicians.

Under the Thai-style democratic rule, judges of the Constitutional Court were handpicked by the military who have staged coups to overthrow elected governments and empowered not only to pass judgments on legal disputes but to dissolve political parties and impeach politicians, Pita commented.

Pita called on the government MPs and senators deliberating on the people-endorsed amendment bill to show a sign of good will for the country and people by allowing the bill to sail through to the point that a Constitution Drafting Committee be set up to amend the charter accordingly.

The amendment bill calls for the abolition to the appointed Senate, the amendment to the naming of all judges of the Constitutional Court and members of the other “independent organisations” as well as the curtailing of their powers and the inspection into their performances, the termination to the 20-year National Strategies, earlier approved by the military-installed National Legislative Assembly and the termination to all laws and orders conjured by a military junta following a coup such as the one in 2014 orchestrated by then-army chief, now-premier Prayut Chan-o-cha.


Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat speaking at Parliament this evening. Top photo: Siam Rath, Home Page photo: Matichon

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