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Containers placed at Sanam Luang to handle demonstration


WITH a large demonstration looming from 3 p.m. today (Nov. 14) police at noon placed containers and rolled out barbed wire around Sanam Luang to deal with the protesters, Matichon newspaper said.

Although the demonstration is to initially take place at Democracy Monument the protesters intend to move to Sanam Luang to hold activities there as well.

Containers were also placed in areas near Sanam Luang including the rear of the Shrine of Mae Thorani, the Grand Palace subdistrict and Charoen Sri 34 Bridge.

The police teams are going to close the route going across Phan Phiphop Lila Bridge to prevent vehicles from turning left and going into Ratchadamnoen Klang road.

In the stretch of Ratchadamnoen Klang road leading to Phan Fa Lilat Bridge fast moving vehicles and water cannon trucks have also been stationed.

Meanwhile the Thalu Fah activist group said via Facebook at 12.20 p.m. that over 10 policemen both in uniform and plain clothes searched the house of one of their members but upon not finding anything illegal withdrew, Thai Rath newspaper said.

When the police team arrived the group’s member tried to negotiate with them that they should wait for his lawyer to arrive before searching his home.

As of 11.54 a.m. the policemen were not able to conduct the search but moments later they did manage to do so but did not find anything illegal within the premises.


Police beefing up security at Sanam Luang. Photos: Matichon

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