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Big hunt for Constitutional Court website hacker

THE Digital Economy and Society Ministry has kicked off a big hunt for the hacker of the Constitutional Court website, http://www.constitutionalcourt.or.th, which was transformed to play American experimental hip-hop group Death Grips’ “Guillotine (It goes Yah)” music video after a ruling was passed against three activists yesterday, Amarin TV said this evening (Nov. 11).

This court had ruled that the three activists,  Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, Mr. Anon Nampa and Mr. Panupong Jadnok, or Mike, all leaders of the People’s Party, had used their rights and liberties with the aim of overthrowing democratic institution with the King as head of state according to the first paragraph of Article 49 of Constitution and ordered them to halt such action.

The hacker had also changed the portal’s name to kangaroo court.

Digital Economy and Society Minister Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn ordered the National Cybersecurity Committee and Electronic Transactions Development Agency to conduct an urgent investigation into the incident.

Initially it was found that a company had been hired to operate this website and the hacker managed to access the management system and changed the webpage and the user/password.

In hunting for the hacker and to collect evidence this website has been suspended.

This hacking is considered a crime under the Computer Crime Act B.E.2550 (2007) with the penalty being maximum six months in jail or maximum fine of 10,000 baht or both.

Moreover Section 9 states that whoever wrongfully causes damage, destroys, revises, modifies or adds, wholly or partly, to computer data of any other person shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine not exceeding 100,000 baht or to both.


Digital Economy and Society Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, left, and MC Ride rapping in this music video, right, with the Constitutional Court emblem in the centre. The Thai headline says, “Rushing to hunt for the hacker.” Photo: Amarin TV

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