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Stressed woman leaves toddler sleeping in the car and jumps into the canal


A WOMAN stressed out after separating from her Chinese husband parked her car in the middle of a bridge over a canal running through the Motorway and jumped into it leaving her three-year-old daughter asleep in the vehicle last night and after 10 hours her body has still not been found, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Nov. 16).

Pol. Lt. Rassamee Khamsrikaew, deputy inspector at Highway police station 1 sub-division 8, spotted the unusually parked sedan with the emergency lights on at the Motorway bridge inbound to Chonburi while out inspecting the route at midnight last night.

Upon checking he found a three-year-old girl hugging a doll as she slept on the front passenger seat of the car which was still running but the windows opened for ventilation.

He found the ID card of Ms Nitcha Khemakonsukchit, 34, in a handbag and she was later identified as the girl’s mother.

Fishermen living by the canal said they heard the sound of something heavy falling into the water at 11.30 p.m. but did not know what it was.

The policeman quickly contacted Ruamkatanyu Foundation divers to search for her body but after 10 hours it had not been found.

However, police managed to contact the toddler’s grandparents who quickly came from their home in the Nong Chok area. 

The grandmother said her daughter was stressed out over family problems with her Chinese husband with the two of them having separated for a while now and he had returned to his homeland.

Since then she had twice assaulted her young daughter leading to their taking her to live with them.

However at 2 p.m. yesterday she came to their home and took the child despite their protests and drove off.

The grandmother added that it was fortunate that the toddler was safe and that her daughter did not carry her in her suicide plunge into the canal.


Police rescue the toddler whose mother jumped into the canal last night. Photos: Thai Rath


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