Student told to dye her hair black to a Pfizer jab 


WITH students aged 12 to 18 years starting to get Pfizer shots in preparation for the new school term that begins next month one student’s run-in with her teachers over the colour of hair attracted a lot of comments from Thai netizens, TV Channel 7 said this evening (Oct. 7).

The unidentified female student said in a short Tik Tok video that the teachers in her school refused to give her the Pfizer jab until she dyed her golden blond hair back to black.

She said in the clip that “I haven’t been vaccinated,” adding, ” I didn’t get vaccinated because I dyed my hair.”

However this same student later said that she had got vaccinated after caving in and dying her hair black. 

Her predicament attracted a lot of comments with one netizen  saying, “This depends on the school because hair colour does not affect vaccines. If the school has good priorities this definitely would not cause a problem.”

The student mentioned that her school administrator told her government agencies are coming round to check and that is why they told her to dye her hair black.

The government rolled out a vaccination drive for students in the 12-18 age group last Monday Oct. 4 with over 5 million targeted to get a Pfizer jab before the new term starts next month.


The student with dyed golden blond hair. The Thai headline says, “‘She does not have the right to be vaccinated’,” Go dye hair black right away.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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