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Japan warns citizens of possible suicide bombings in Thailand, other SE Asian countries


THE Japanese embassy in Thailand sent an email on Sunday September 12 alerting its citizens in here to beware of suicide bombings in crowded places such as restaurants, hotels, markets, tourist attractions and religious places, Siam Rath newspaper said this afternoon (Sept. 14).

Japanese people in Thailand were told if such visits were unavoidable they should spend as little time as possible at these places and if they face terrorist activities they should follow the advice of the local authorities.

 The Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. Thani Sangrat said the ministry had conducted a preliminary investigation with the Japanese embassy acknowledging that it sent this email in accordance with an order by the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

However the Japanese embassy said this warning did not just apply to Japanese people in Thailand but also those in other Southeast Asian countries.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry did not reveal the source of information while the embassy here did it have any more details.

Meanwhile an Associated Press report published Outlookindia.com quoted the the Japanese Foreign Ministry as saying it had obtained information that “there are increased risks such as suicide bombings”.

The warning applies to Japanese citizens in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

The advisory was met with puzzlement in several of those nations, which said they had no knowledge of such a threat, or details from Japan as to the source of its information.


Top: Japan warned its citizens of possible attacks in six Southeast Asian countries. Photo:  AP/PTI and published by Outlookindia.com

Home Page: Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Thani briefing the press about the Japanese embassy warning. Photo: Siam Rath


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