Farm hut resort built for patient isolation in Ayutthaya


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A FARM HUT RESORT made of bamboo poles, thatched roofs, rattan walls and plywood floors has been built in Ayutthaya, specifically for home isolation of Covid-19 patients.

A row of 25 wooden shacks, aptly called the farm hut resort, were newly built in knockdown fashion at Nong Pla Dook village in Ban Kum subdistrict of Bang Ban district of the central province by the local municipality to facilitate those patients in self-isolation in lieu of hospitals or field hospitals.

The number of farm huts for isolation purposes might probably increase from the initial stage of 25 units if the number of coronavirus infection cases among local villagers rose, according to Bang Ban Mayor Chukiat Boonmee.

The construction of each farm hut, furnished with bedding items and an electric fan, roughly cost 20,000 baht. Toilets were built outside for common use among the temporary residents.

The patients would feel fairly comfortable and relaxed in the farmland neighbourhood with a freshwater creek metres away and breezes blowing all around as though they had virtually checked in at a tourist resort, the mayor remarked.

Such simple-looking accommodation, primarily provided free of charge for local villagers who may have been infected and obliged to literally keep their temporary distance from their relatives, might mushroom up elsewhere throughout the country, he said.


The farm huts built for Covid patients in Ayutthaya.Photos: Naewna

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