Covid-infected woman kicked out by boyfriend gets help

CHACHOENGSAO Province’s SCOT rescue team last night (Aug. 20) arranged accommodation for a woman who had been chased out of a rented room by her boyfriend after she tested positive for coronavirus, said this morning.

The Facebook page “We love Paet Riew ” highlighted the plight of the 33-year-old unidentified woman who was seen sitting alone at a pavilion at night after her boyfriend would not let her sleep with him upon her getting  a positive result for coronavirus via antigen testing.

The owners of the apartment  building also would not let her stay there and told her to go sit at the pavilion.

After being alerted, the SCOT rescue team tried to get her admitted to a field hospital or a waiting station but there was no place for her anywhere.

They then were able to arrange accommodation for her.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry said there were 20,571 new coronavirus cases and 261 deaths today (Aug. 21) with 20,336 being among the general public and 235 in prisons and detention centres.

Cumulative confirmed total since April 1 has reached 1,001,418 and since the start of the pandemic 1,030,281.

The 261 additional fatalities raised the death toll to 9,087.

Another 23,159 patients were cured, taking total recoveries in the current wave to 791,538 while 202,230 are still undergoing treatment.


SCOT rescuers helping the woman thrown out of her home get accomodation elsewhere. All photos:

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