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Billionaire couple drown in Koh Tao hotel swimming pool 

A BILLIONAIRE Thai couple of Indian origin who operate a hotel business in Phuket mysteriously drowned in a luxury hotel swimming pool on Koh Tao island yesterday, Amarin TV said this afternoon (May 5).

Pol. Col. Kriengkrai Kraikaew, head of Koh Tao police station in Surat Thani province, said at 4 p.m. yesterday his police team was notified by the island’s radio communication centre that a couple had died at Koh Tao Hospital with the cause initially determined to be drowning in this luxury hotel’s swimming pool.

The couple, Mr. Rakisuan Satchatham, 59, and Mrs. Anchu Sachtham, 55, had come to the island with their son for a holiday with all three of them checking into the hotel at 10 a.m. yesterday morning.

Later the couple went to swim in the pool while the son went out for a walk. When he returned to the hotel he found that his parents had both drowned in the pool, so called for help.

Doctors from Koh Samui Hospital and rescuers from Samui Rescue Foundation rushed there to assist. The doctors found that they were unconscious and revived them with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and sent them to Koh Tao Hospital but they later died there.

Preliminary examination of the bodies found no signs of struggle and there were also no traces of fighting at the scene.

The son told police that both his parents suffered from underlying diseases. Police suspect that one of them either relapsed or suddenly got a cramp and the other one went to help but both ended up drowning.

Relatives of the deceased are now flying to Surat Thani to meet Koh Tao police in order to proceed with the legal steps.

Police said if the relatives want to find out the cause of death, the couple’s bodies would be sent for autopsy to gain clarity.


The luxury hotel swimming pool on Koh Tao where the couple had downed. Photos: Amarin TV

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