Rescuer in tears as one of two kittens dies

THE administrator of a cat-lovers Tik Tok page who rescued two kittens badly injured after being mauled by a bigger animal sadly informed netizens who have been keenly following their progress with many of them also giving donations that one of them died early this morning (June 5), said.

Both the kittens, rescued separately in the same neighbourhood on May 16 and May 22 by the administrator of the Tik Tok page Rak Maew Chang, Meaw Maha Chon (Really love cats, throngs of cats), were taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment and named Jaguar and Tiger.

They were both in serious condition: broken neck bones and deformed limbs, and it is Jaguar, the first one to be rescued, who passed away at 5 a.m.

The page administrator, Mae Miew, said Jaguar was very small being a little over a month old and physically weak.He was bright and very cute, ate a lot and interacted with Mae Miew all the time. In undergoing treatment the cast was changed a few times to check his breathing.

Mae Miew said she cried a lot when Jaguar died with this also being her mother’s birthday.

However Tiger is still in the veterinary hospital but he is bigger than Jaguar.

Regarding the donations, Mae Miew said she will update again later because today she has to go to the hospital to collect papers.

She ended her message by saying, RIP Little Cactus #Someday we’ll meet again Jaguar. 


Tiger and Jaguar, now there is only Tiger left. Photos:


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