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Gamblers flouting Covid control steps arrested

NINE gamblers who ignored a coronavirus curb on large gatherings and the mandatory wearing of face masks outside one’s home were caught red-handed while playing cards at a house in Roi Et province today (May 1), Thai Rath newspaper said.

Pho Chai district chief Mr. Chinnakorn Kaenkong personally led a team of officials and police officers to raid the house in Pho Si Sub-district where the gambling session was taking place.

He had been tipped off that gambling was regularly taking place at this house with different groups rotating to come in to do so.

The gamblers, seven women and two men, were startled and tried to flee but as the compound was completely enclosed were all arrested.

Police seized a pack of cards and some cash with some of those arrested telling them that they had only come along with their friends to watch and did not themselves participate in the illegal game.

Chinnakorn said he has instructed community leaders to more strictly control their neighbourhoods and quickly apprehend people who break coronavirus measures now in place and turn them to police for legal action.

Police said the nine people arrested will be charged with illegally gambling and gathering together in a large group as forbidden by emergency decree.


The gamblers arrested in Roi Et today. Photos: Thai Rath

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