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Protesters start gathering at Ratchaprasong intersection

AS arranged by the Thammasat Alliance and Rally, a large crowd of demonstrators started assembling at Ratchaprasong intersection this evening (March 24)  with more flocking in continuously, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Reporters said that at 5.15 p.m.police had already closed the intersection to traffic and were maintaining tight security.

The Thammasat group has arranged various activities as they demand the release of their friends. They also said their main speakers this evening are Ms. Pasarawalee Thanakit-wibulphol, or Mind, Ms. Benja Apan and Mr. Attaphon Buaphat, or the Khru Yai (headmaster).

Also joining them was Mr. Shinawatra Chankrachang, or Bright, leader of the Nonthaburi New Generation Network.

He said while the stage was being set up that they would be using peaceful means of protesting the detention of their friends who they want released.

He urged all participants to help watch out for each other and if anything should happen to listen to the announcement from the stage or car stereo.


Top: The scenes from this evening’s demonstration at Ratchaprasong intersection. Photos: Thai Rath

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