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Pheu Thai tells govt to probe use of tear gas

THE government was pressured by Pheu Thai Party to investigate and clarify who used tear gas against unarmed protesters last Thursday night (Feb. 10) which led to some of them being injured with coming only three of days after a phone call from US voicing concern about recent arrests, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Feb. 12)

Ms. Arunee Kasayanon, Pheu Thai’s spokesperson, pointed out that it was impossible for the protesters to bring weapons to the rally site as every entry point was strictly controlled.

She also criticised the government for the way it dealt with protesters in the past with this going against international principles and human rights and would be opposed by the global community who are against all forms of violence.

Even though US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke by phone last Monday (Feb. 8) with Secretary General of the National Security Council Gen. Natthaphon Narkphanit expressing concern about the recent arrest of protesters, the very next day protest leader lawyer Anon Nampa and student leader Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak were were denied bail and sent to pretrial detention by the Criminal Court along with two others without any concern about the US, she said.

Any inappropriate action would affect international acceptance, she added.

Ms. Arunee pointed to the coup in Myanmar as an example. Last Wednesday US President Joe Biden ordered new sanctions and will be barring Myanmar generals from getting access to $1 billion in Myanmar funds being held in the United States.

The Pheu Thai spokesperson also said that if Thailand continues to use violence against political protesters and the law as a tool against them it could lead to US focussing on Thailand and this in turn would affect trade and investment between the two countries in future.


Top: Protest leader Parit, or Penguin, centre, during a recently demonstration. Photo: Thai Rath

Home Page: Pheu Thai spokesperson Ms. Arunee. Photo: Thai Rath



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