Man engaged to sex doll

The 35-year-old claims he’s never had sex with his sex doll. Picture: Viralpress/Australscope

(Hong Kong) – A man has got engaged to his sex doll because she is so much “easier to date” than real women.

Xie Tianrong, 36, lives with his parents and his “girlfriend” – a life-size silicone doll he’s affectionately named Mochi.

The Hong Kong native – who has showered his love interest in expensive gifts such as an iPhone 12 – bought Mochi in October 2019 from China after discovering he was attracted to life-life dolls when walking past a shop front which had a realistic doll for sale.

“A doll cost 80,000 yuan at that time, so I had to dispel my thoughts as I could not afford her,” he said.

“But in 2019, I found a silicone doll on the internet that was on sale and cost about 10,000 yuan so I ordered it.”

Mochi, whose red hair is styled into pigtails, sits in a chair by his bed while Xie sleeps and he bathes her with a damp cloth before applying talcum powder.

But Xie claims he’s not had sex with his soon-to-be wife, saying he’s never “violated” Mochi over fears he may hurt her.

“I respect Mochi and only want her as a companion,” he said.

“I have had human girlfriends before but I am only attracted to dolls now. I have never had sex with her.”

Xie also said his new fiancee is better than any woman he’s had a relationship with in the past, stating Mochi is “easier to date than a real woman”.

“When me and my previous girlfriend were together, she was always staring at her phone, but with Mochi it’s different,” he said.

“She will concentrate and give me all her attention.”

He loves his future bride so much, he’s lavished her in Xie expensive gifts such as mobile phones she can’t use and a wardrobe of clothes she can wear on dates and to take photos.

The doll now owns more than 20 different outfits and has 10 pairs of shoes.

Xie’s love for the silicone doll caught the attention of Mochi’s manufacturer who invited him to the factory where he was given an extra silicone head as a gift.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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