Pattaya beach booze ban still in place

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

NO PEOPLE ARE AS YET allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on the beaches of Pattaya under anti-pandemic measures, confirmed a city official today (June 22.2020).

Noppradol Viravat, deputy chief of Pattaya City’s Cleanliness and Orderliness Department, confirmed no tourists or local villagers are currently allowed to drink on the beaches of Pattaya, especially at night.

Officials have spotted many Thais, some in groups of several people and others as a couple, drinking together on the beaches for hours.

Those people have been politely told to stop their drinking spree and comply to emergency rule though they may continue to stay on the beaches on condition they wear face masks and literally keep their distance from one another, according to Noppradol.

The Thais have turned out as a large majority of tourists to the beach resort city which had been earlier visited by millions of world travelers in a year.

No international airliners are yet allowed to land at any Thai airport under the country’s lockdown measures.


Top:  A beautiful day in Pattaya. Photo: Herry Lawford (CC BY 2.0)


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