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Undercover policeman kills official at Dusit police station

A YOUNG official who works for the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation was shot dead by an undercover policeman at the police flats next to Dusit police station while celebrating New Year last night with the motive still unknown, Sanook.com reported this morning (Jan. 1, 2021).

The deceased official, Mr. Piyaphong Rungwittayakul, was found dead at the staircase leading up to the police station after struggling there to get help upon being shot several times by the policeman who quickly fled the scene.

His friend said before the shooting they were celebrating New Year at the police flats when the undercover policeman came and talked to the deceased man. He does not know what they discussed but this led to a fierce argument, but as he was also acquainted with this policeman, he stepped in to try to end the altercation.

However he did not succeed in doing so with the policemen drawing his pistol and firing several shots at his friend and then fleeing after also trying to shoot him.

Another witness, the undercover policeman’s friend, said he had been drinking with him and after dispersing heard some loud noise and thought it was firecrackers, only later discovering that it was his drinking buddy who had killed another man.

Dusit police station has not yet issued any statement about this killing.


Top: The scene of the murder at Dusit police station last night. Thai headline says, “shot dead in front of police station.” Photo: Sanook.com


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